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Military Family Law

If you are an active duty member, retired from active duty, or the spouse of an active duty or retired member, it is very important that you select an experienced attorney if many years of military service are involved. This is so because the military pension and related insurance benefits are the major assets in a military dissolution. For example, a senior enlisted person is likely entitled to $1,500.00 or more in monthly pension benefits for life. These benefits, if earned during the marriage, are marital property and subject to equitable distribution in Florida. If, however, the retired member dies, these benefits stop. So, insuring the military pension is very important. Accomplishing a division of a military pension and establishing or preserving insurance benefits requires knowledge not only of state law, but also familiarity with the Former Spouse Protection Act, a federal statute. Court orders must be properly drafted to comply with both state and federal law. In interviewing a prospective attorney, consider asking the following questions:

1. Does the attorney have a military background?

2. Was the attorney a former military attorney?

3. How many military related divorces has the attorney completed?

4. Are military personnel regular clients of the attorney?

5. Does the attorney have a copy of the Former Spouse Protection Act?

6. Has the attorney written or lectured about military related divorce?

My practice continues to have a strong emphasis on representing individuals and families that are serving in the military in central Florida. If you have questions about how I can serve you, or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact me.

Due to the specialized nature of military related divorce, I handle cases throughout the state of Florida, and travel costs are reasonable.